VIDEO LISTINGS #1003-#1250


The nation of origin of the artist/group other than the USA is listed in parenthesis.

This list may include videos that have subsequently been removed by YouTube. Some page numbers (nodes) of videos that were removed by YouTube were used for other jambalayah featured videos

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Paul Robeson-“Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child”

Hikawa Kiyoshi –“Jinsei Gekijyo” (Japan)

Duop - "Juba" (South Sudan)

Dinka Bor- Deer Youth of South Sudan tradition dance Werkok Village.(South Sudan)

Yaba Angelos-"Time to Vote" (South Sudan Referendum Anthem)

South Sudanese dance (South Sudan)

Day At The Races Movie [swing dance scene]

Spirit Moves

Jero - "Uwasano Onna" (Japan/United States)

Kenya's Kenge Kenge Rocks WOMEX (Kenya)

Nyang'au.Dat- Egesiongororo (Kenya)

The Swan Silvertones- "He's Sweet I Know"

Milt Jackson & The Modern Jazz Quartet -"True Blues"

Mardi Gras Indians photo collage and commentary

Mississippi Fred McDowell - "When I Lay My Burden Down"

Joy Missionary Choir-"Lay My Burden Down"

Furry Lewis - "When I Lay My Burden Down"

Mt. Do Well Baptist Church in McConnells, South Carolina -"He Set Me Free"

Bob and Marcia -"Young, Gifted, And Black" (Jamaica)

Al Jarreau - "We're In This Love Together "

Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five- "Deacon Jones"

Jeunes Agape -"Magalenha" (Trinidad &Tobago/Brazil)

Mighty Sparrow - "Dancing Shoes" (Grenada)

Louis Armstrong - "What A Wonderful World"

Are anime characters caucasian or japanese

Louis Jordan - "Choo choo Ch'boogie"

Frankie Lymon-"Goody Goody"

Marie Adams & The Three Tons of Joy-"Goody Goody"

The Spinners-"Rubberband Man"

The Simpsons-"Lisa It's Your Birthday"

Cumbia Colombiana (Colombia)

Boys 2 Men - "A Song For Mama"

Nicole Amogho - Tchuè tôlô (Gabon)

Little Walter-"My Babe"

Beverly Crawford- "Just As Soon (I'll Be Shouting)"

Chicago Mass Choir- "Jesus Promised"

Slave- "Slide"

Pastor Jerome Jackson -"Jesus Is On The Mainline"

Willie Neal Johnson & the Gospel Keynotes -"Jesus Is On The Mainline"

Barrington Levy - Teach the youth (Jamaica)

The T-Mobile Royal Wedding (The United Kingdom)

Bessie Smith - "I'm Wild About That Thing" (1929)

Bessie Smith -"Careless Love"

Stevie Wonder - "Happy Birthday"

Asians in the library of the world: a persona poem in the voice of alexandra wallace

Playing For Change -"Pemba Laka" (Angola)

Playing For Change -"Chanda Mama" (Various Nations)

Playing for Change -"War" /"No More Trouble" (Multiple Nations)

Playing For Change-"Imagine" (Multiple Nations)



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