Foli "Rhythm" There Is No Movement Without Rhythm -(Guinea)


ThomasRoebers | October 25, 2010


dedicated to the people of baro.

Life has a rhythm, it's constantly moving.
The word for rhythm ( used by the Malinke tribes ) is FOLI.
It is a word that encompasses so much more than drumming, dancing or sound.
It's found in every part of daily life.
In this film you not only hear and feel rhythm but you see it.
It's an extraordinary blend of image and sound that
feeds the senses and reminds us all
how essential it is.

By the brothers Thomas Roebers
en Floris Leeuwenberg

Film crew during one month in Baro, Guinee Afrika.

Beutifull sound recording and sound design Bjorn Warning
Translator and Rhythm specialist Thomas Bonenkamp

With special thanks to the chief:

DJEMBEFOLA |: Mansa Camio

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Posted in 2010:

That is one the greatest shorts i have had the pleasure of watching. What a gift!

Thank you......Blessings to all involved, Your hard work and talent are evident!

A brilliant narrative capturing the rhythm of life.

i am drawn to his as a moth to flame. thank you so much for sharing this. well done!

super work, i love this video, great photography.. thanks for sharing it : )

magnificent piece of editing! Thank you

Thanks for posting, an interesting, informative and creative representation of an African approch to Rhythm!

This is something that everyone should watch before they even touch a djembe! Thank you for this INCREDIBLE video! It is really an eye opener!!!!!

Brilliant Work, thank you for sharing this. Truly wonderful, it captures the essence of rhythm and village life in Africa.

thank you for this video. i love the sensibilities and feel of this piece. i too am a humble student of these west african rhythms. music and rhythms connect me to others, and to the heart beat of life itself. you have given me a gift and i am thankful. remember, the word Djembe means Union and Peace.
drummer for Dusu and FarafinaFoly

I have viewed videos of various African children, men and women dancing to R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul, Jazz and Pop. I have also viewed videos of African Americans, Jamaicans, "Afro-Latinos (Blacktinos?) dancing to "African" rhythms. All of them conveyed the universal nature of our life-beat. However this video drives in home in a powerful almost mythical manner.


INCREDIBLE~this makes me happy and gives me hope

This is beautiful! One of the best I have seen lately! Thank you for this great work! Wow!

I love it! Where is Baro?

@22gilles22 In eastern Guinea.

This is one of the most brilliant videos i've seen that truly explains how the music comes about --simulTING LIFE, MOTHER NATURE.

Thank u for your brilliant work. Bless.

godhuli bose

Berkeley Ca.

Ours roots!!! Thank you

What a beautiful video. I have seen many videos from Guinea, Balandugu, Hamanah and in Conakry. This one is very special.

My African friends and teachers have tried to tell me many times of the homesickness they feel when they are visiting and teaching here.

Often they have told the story of the Dibon bird and the Dibon rhythym to express how they miss their culture, though they love visiting and teaching.

Seeing this video I understand now what they have told me. Thank you for sharing!

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! I am so loving the connection between voice, body, drum, nature and something BEAUTIFUL from Africa, rather than negative news of deprivation. I am a musician, but I kept thinking, what amazing editing this was!! You treated it with a lot of love! Now, we would like to invite you to the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico and capture the music, love, life and rhythms of the afro-mexican people!

Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into this labour of love. Especially the children at the riverside with their bottles and pans, which some people may have omitted.

Be blessed ^_^

The world needs more education of Africa and this video helps to show clearly traditiional Malinke culture.Here in Brasil there is so much people who are searching for this type of video.well done.thank you

So touching, beautiful, riveting, simplistic, funky. Everything I could want in a piece of media. I am in love with it.

Beautiful! This really communicates the intensity, vibrancy and joie de vivre of Africa. Merci et félicitations. Bien fait!

excellent and intellegent film-making. it has taken great skill to make this introduction, and also whoever has constructed the form of this work, is a true teacher at the highest level. this film will be shown to all my classes studying African Music, it encompasses in 1 short time what it would take many words to achieve. I salute you all for this brilliance.

What an incredible piece this is! Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into where it all comes from. As a samba batucada player and a djembe student I'm always searching for origins. The African diaspora seems to have influence in every community around the wold in one way or another. GREAT VIDEO!

Absolutely brilliant. This captures rhythm and Guinean culture at its best.  Thank you so much. Yes, this is truly a gift which I will share with my drummer friends in the UK.

Brilliant. Absolutely beautiful

The song is too big to be held in my chest. It's a black rhythm, inheritance of my ancestors - it wants to be out of the throat, to be loud in the world. Flows through the veins, pulses in my forehead, prickles the skin. Thank you for this great piece of art, for showing everybody out there how life and rhythm are just one thing.

Axé from Brazil,

As a young musician i am enchanted and awed. An excellent piece of art Mr. Roebers. I can tell you with great joy that the time spent on this work is very well worth. Thank you very much.

Thank you for this avesome movie that is deeply inspiring and deeply comtemplative. I want to support a change that helps us to take care of this treasure and culture of movement and dance/rhythm and also bring it more into the world of those who live without it.

My heart is filled with pride and my thanks to the film crew that produced this beautiful footage. it is evident that you also share a great love of the culture and its people. I hope that you continue to show the world the tapestry of treasures that is Africa.

my english is so poor to explain my consideration about this!!! amazing and awasome are the best words that find to, all my prayers they were listen!!! Thanks for this amazing music!!! bring it from the more the deep of his soul and heart!!!

Guys, you deserve at least one OSCAR for this. Truely wonderful, brilliant film. I'm in love with it.

Yes, I agree - an OSCAR is in order!! Absolutely phenomenal. I knew the drums speak the language of the people, but never saw it so clearly illustrated! Congratulations on this incredible accomplishment.
-tabanowa 1 month ago [Posted in 2011]

Wow that's amazing! Beautiful and perceptive. I hope you found someone to sponsor the project, as it seemed quite time consuming to make.

incredible, just incredible. I don't have the words to describe how fantastic is this video and what it shows.

Thank you thank you! magnificent tribute to the rhythms, Mansa Cameo, and so many beautiful people and their work.

Wonderful to see how music is life and life is music. We just need to stay tuned to the music we make in everyday life. Congrats on this perfect example showing us how to tune ourselves. Thanks!

Beautiful and heartwarming!

Nostagia in perspective for the living future of SALSA!


Lovely, Really, Pure, Honest, Deep.

Inspirational and reflective with ease ....

Who is poor?

Back to the rhythm of our being;

Compliments to the makers of this good.

I love it... Just the kind of stuff that I would love to see a lot more of :-) Beautiful rhythms, beautiful dancing, beautiful people.... Great video...

La Rhytme de Parole!

It makes me so joyous, and makes me think of my own time in Africa. I got lost on a market because of the amount of drums I had to put my hands on. Maybe their simple life style is better than our materialistic western.... that's just my idea.

wow - awesome - thanks for producing a wonderful short film - a m a z i n g plus!!

Stunning - totally love this film. apart from the equipment sponsorship, how was this funded?

Lovely. I'm homesick now :-P

Very strong emotion... Great camera work

this is too beautiful. keep exposing the world to all of this beauty!

One of the greatest videos ever made. This oughta be standard school curriculum if people want their children to be rich with greatness.

Posted in 2011:

very very good film, excellent mounting.

I wonder what language is that used to sing

and if you can write what they're singing

please continue with this documentary, it's beautiful, balanced and the pace is present in every court and in the face of all those beautiful people

a big hug and the more good energy, the pace keeps flowing!!

@gabrielnaam the language is Maninka kan...

this video is AWESOME! thank you for sharing

These are the parts of life that our people [however distant] have strived for so long to preserve.

brilliant - makes my keyboard sing even as i type this...thnaaks so much form one born in Africa

It is the best movie ever made about malinke culture, summarized in ten minutes of pure exstasy!!! thank you so much for this, it is a bless to my eyes and ears, a big lesson for life. The movie is so well done that evey second the culture of rythim is constructed,leading to a powerful ending. I researsch and play malinke rythims in Brazil for the last 8 years and have never had a chance to go to Africa. But I know Baro will be there for some day. Thank you again!

this video is great, it is amazing how it gives respect to the culture of this people and how clearly it expresses it. I truly liked it a lot and guys, if I were you, I would feel very proud of this job. thank you. fra

very very good! Life in rhythm...

I think this is the best video I've seen on youtube. Amazing. Great job. Kudos. Words can't say enough.



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