St. Luke Baptist Church in Sharon, SC-"I Dont Mind"


December 14, 2010

"I Don't Mind". Recorded by KB in 2003 at St. Luke Baptist Church in Sharon, SC.

Here's a comment that was written on that video's viewer comment thread:

that brother that started leading that song, sounds so good, it really takes me back to my childhood when they use to sing like that. with the foot stomping and rocking sometimes with music and sometimes without...................wond­er what is his name?
-mike19621000 3 weeks ago

Here is a comment that I posted on that video's viewer comment thread:

Thank you for posting this video. I'm African American & was raised in the Baptist church in the 1950s on (New Jersey/ Pennsylvania). But our music was/is never like this. This music sounds "realer" . It's easy to believe that the people singing really mean what they sing & aren't singing for show.

I've added this video to my online collection of YouTube music/dance video gems, mostly from Black cultures. Google Jambalayah. I also featured it on my facebook page. Thanks again. God bless you!

Here's a comment that I wrote on my cocojams jambalayah facebook page 1/15/2011:

"I particularly love the hand clapping & foot stomping accompaniment and the way different people took turns carrying the song on. This is real roots music. & that style has influenced so many forms of religious and non-religious music, including Black fraternity & sorority steppin and girls' foot stomping cheers."



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