Joe Perkins - "Little Eeefin' Annie / Runaway Slave "


rsmko | May 26, 2007
Joe Perkins on Nashville R&B TV show "Night Train", hosted by Noble Blackwell.

Here's a comment that I wrote on this video's viewer comment thread:

Thanks for posting this video gem! Readers here may aIso be interested in the 1940 Fats Waller song "Eep ipe wanna piece of pie" . The words to that some & comments about eefing can be found online by googling Eephing"Mudcat". Mudcat is a discussion forum. Btw, eef rhymes with beef. My interest in this started because I was seeking sources for the playground rhyme "Oh my I wanna piece of pie". This is definitely one of the sources of that rhyme & other lines like the eep op ork jetson cartoon.


Here's the link for that Mudcat thread:

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Eeef, Ife, Eeef, Oofe, Eeef, Ife, Eeef, Oofe...

(Little Eeefin' Annie
She is mine all mine
Little Eeefin' Annie
Has a terrible time
It don't make no difference
What she tries to say
When Little Eeefin' Annie talk
It always come out this way)

Well, I got a girl named Annie
And she's mine all mine
But when she gets excited
She has an awful time
'Cause when I call her on the phone
And ask her for a date
Before I get an answer
I always have to wait, 'cause she goes:
Eeef, Ife, Eeef, Oofe, Eeef, Ife
Pick me up at eight!

Well, I took Annie ridin'
And we went to the park
We ended up in Lovers Lane
Sittin' in the dark
I asked Annie for a kiss
As I looked in her eyes
And by the time she answered
I'd already kissed her twice, 'cause she went:
Eeef, Ife, Eeef, Oofe, Eeef, Ife
Sure was nice!

I took her to a restaurant
Thought I'd give her a treat
Then the waiter came and asked
What we'd like to eat
I had to order for both of us
But then I thought I'd die
When the waiter asked her what
Dessert she'd like to try, 'cause she said:
Eeef, Ife, Eeef, Oofe, Eeef, Ife
Gimme piece o' pie!

They used to laugh at Annie
Because she eeefed that way
It took at least an hour
To hear what she had to say
But things aren't what they used to be
Nobody's laughin' now
'Cause everybody's Eeefin'
And Annie showed us how, we all go:
Eeef, Ife, Eeef, Oofe, Eeef, Ife, Eeef, Oofe
Eeef, Ife, Eeef, Oofe, Eeef, Ife, Eeef, Oofe
Whoo, Eeef!
Eeef, Ife, Eeef, Oofe, Eeef, Ife, Eeef, Oofe
Come on, Eeef!

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"Little Eeefin' Annie"
"Uncle Eeef"

as recorded by
Sound Stage 7 45-2511
(distributed by Monument)
October 1963 (Billboard #76)
Written, Produced and Eeefed by Bob Moore
(with Johnny MacRae)




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