Ahmad Jamal Trio -"I Love Music"


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How many world renowned jazz artists have embraced the oneness of our creator through the beautiful religion and way of life known as Islam. The works of several of these artists reflect the inspiration, peace and beauty.

Music by Ahmad Jamal Trio - "I Love Music"

Muslim Jazz Artists


Here are some comments from that video's viewer comment thread:


This is a beautiful and important video!

I'm a Muslim musician myself. I met (or know) some of the people in this video. This is essential to know the place that Islam has in jazz history.

BTW, the word "jam" came from an Arabic word "jammat": gathering. The word "Jazz" may have Islamic / Arabic roots: "i'jaz", the miraculous nature of the Qur'an, or "jaza''a", a 9th century musicological term meaning the proportionate division of melody and / or rhythm.

Salam...This piece is called "I LOVE MUSIC" and I have heard Ahmad Jamal play it.It was a bit different but I also believe that it is Jamal that played the version we are listening to now.Islam is about love and peace.They believe in one creator just like many religions do as well.So we all may believe in the same creator as long as we live with love in our hearts and belief in each other as a human race.Music will bring us closer.Hahaha.Just saw that it says Ahmad Jamal "I LOVE MUSIC" :)

I think its cool that there are great jazz musicians from all walks of life. Just please don't say that you must be Muslim in order to play jazz. Ironically "A Love Supreme" was written by John Coltrane who was extremely spiritual but not Muslim. Jazz is about spirituality, but not about religion. It transcends the dogma of Muslim, Judaism, Christianity, or any man-made religion built by men to praise God (who is very real and omnipotent). We're all just people, love and peave to all. :-)


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