Boboshanti '92 (Jamaica)


Uploaded by rasorder on Jan 7, 2009

In Ethiopia celebrating the Emperor Haile Selassie I birthday in Shashamane 1992, a special occasion for Rastas all over the world…

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Greetings ;According to my Overstandin its a Chanting by the BoboShanti Manison and not by Nyabinghi,sorry for correction,im not for divisions,It would be nice to see the unification Under one Umbrella.This is taken from a documentry by journeyman pictures:The Emperors Birthday there is a little about it in youtube a trailer of 12min out of 52 min.The Voice at the beginning is From Noel Dyer.
-wanjeriwahu ; 2011


Here's information about the BoboShantis from :

Prince Emanuel Charles Edwards founded the Bobo Shanti order in Jamaica in 1958[1]. The new Bobo Shanti leader is Trevor Stewart. The Bobo Shanti use Revelations 5 to justify Prince Emmanuel as the re-incarnate of the Christ. He is regarded as the reincarnate Black Christ in a priestly state. He was called "Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards by most members of the Bobo Shanti, without Mother or Father, a Priest of Melchezidek, the Black Christ in the Flesh." He, along with Haile Selassie are seen as Gods. Marcus Garvey is regarded as a prophet, and the three are seen as a Holy Trinity. The Bobo Shanti believe that there should be repatriation of all black people to Africa. In addition the Bobo Shanti order also believe that black people should be reimbursed monetarily for slavery

The members of the Bobo Shanti "house" are sometimes called Bobo Dreads. Members of this order dress very differently from all the other orders. They wear long robes and very tightly wrapped turbans. They also live separate from society and the other Rastafarian orders in their current base in the Nine Miles area of Bull Bay, Jamaica. They function similarly to the Accompong Maroons, even though it is not official, like an independent nation within Jamaica with their own constitution. They do not accept the values and lifestyle of the general Jamaican society. Their lifestyle closely emulates those of the Old Testament Jewish Mosaic Law, which includes the observation of the Sabbath from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday, hygiene laws for menstruating women and special greetings amongst themselves. No work is allowed during the Sabbath and the consumption of salt and oil is avoided...

Not only do Bobos believe that black skin, skin blessed by the sun, is original they also consider black women as mothers of creation. Women cover their legs, arms, and head in practice of the Queen Omega principles. Nearly all the men within the community are seen as prophets or priests, whose functions are to “reason” and conduct religious and parliamentary services, respectively.

Also the Black Supremacy concept is symbolic. Black represents "good" and white represents "evil", but it is not about the colour of the skin. The Bobo priests say, "It´s better a white skin man with a black heart than a black skin man with a white heart"...



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