Wilmington Chester Mass Choir- Ride On King Jesus


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This is a classic clip of the late Rev. Ernest Davis Jr.'s Wilmington Chester Mass Choir sing "Ride On King Jesus" back in 1988. This was recorded by a local Philly TV station for an annual show called "Gospel Extravaganza".


This is a medly of several Spirituals

Here are several viewer comments from this video's viewer comment thread:

hast wat u call ministering in song and not rushing and hoopen and holaren but nice smooth and very ministerial God bless u choir they should dont have choir's dat sing like that no more.......were u know its not fo sho..
-boyland69; 2009


I love how the choir leader is just calm, even though he knows his choir is on FIRE!
Love it!
-128Wright128 ; 2011

[In response to comments about the organ playing]

The organ was okay Willis Hickerson is a multi-keyboardist.  And at that time that this was recorded most organist played a jazz style organ which is much different than what we play now
-Maestromjpro2000; 2009



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