Ella Fitzgerald "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"


Ella Fitzgerald - Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Posted by oscontareunahistoria
December 02, 2008

Video Description:
Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald sings "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". The lyrics to the song are superimposed on the video screen along with a photograph of this renown vocalist or a photograph of the saxophone player for the recording .

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midori81 (1 month ago) awesome!!! awesome!!! awesome!!! christmas should be all about joy!! and this version brought the cheer to the song, enlightened all those with troubled hearts. merry christmas to all!!
rad0210 (12 hours ago) Merry Christmas from the country of The First Lady of Song, Ella J. Fitzgerald! ! :-)

gm110170 (2 weeks ago) Ella, simple the best!!

SpiffilyPeachy (1 week ago) Fantastic rhythm or tempo!! LOVE the arrangement, and her  voice is just so gorgeous and top !! Absolutely dreamy and sweet...*siiigh*!


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