Atilogu / Atilogwu Dancers (Nigeria)


Atilogu / Atilogwu Dancers

Posted by zookat
July 04, 2008

Video Description:

"Atilogu/Atilogwu Dancers as filmed by famous Cream drummer Ginger Baker & crew at Ikoyi, Lagos-Nigeria, 1971

The Atilogu dance is perhaps the most intense African cultural dance form performed as a group. "

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ezinwanne88 (1 year ago) Thanks' for posting this dance
ikennac (9 months ago) owu otu anyi le gi emegha. jisike ummunna. Att: Zookat. thanks for posting this video, reminds me of my primary school days back in Ikenegbu primary school, owerri.

lovely one

zookat (9 months ago) Ikenna:

My pleasure & thanks for the thanks!

Achunaifeuwanike (8 months ago) Excellent!
caddle20 (7 months ago) This is not Atilogwu dance.
This music sound different from what the guys are dancing to.This is a Yoruba music.
I danced Atilogwu in Nigeria and this not Atilogwu at all.

OftheSoil (7 months ago) There is no way this is Yoruba music, it is definitely Igbo music. You do know there are many different Atilogwu dance troupes and rhythms?
meetashley (6 months ago) shut up. this is not yoruba. do they use idu? they used ekwe and oja. yoruba music dont sound like that.
ikagbim (7 months ago) some Igbo music, but definintely not Atiligwu. Nice try...

cushionangel (7 months ago) what would you call it ...break dance? or pop.

It's ATILOGWU bro...put on ur glasses.

OmoOvie (7 months ago) That's my akpele right there! Men I love the sound of that flute!
kenslay (5 months ago) ha ha ha ha !!! "you danced Atilogwu" and you can't recognise it when you see it??? I dnt need to see this video to tell me whether this is Atilogwu or not, mere listening the rythmn is a dead give away.
AmaOnyeOgabu (5 months ago) now you got me confused, whats the diference between the two?
ezeimo (5 months ago) may be you are talking of nkpokiti dancers?

AmaOnyeOgabu (5 months ago) this is not Atilogwu at all, doesn't even sound like it, Atilogwu is fast paced and danced with power in group, they even do acrobatics with it, this is not close at all

MrPoker1000 (3 months ago) This is atilogwu dance, but this guys are so awkward and didnt have good rhythm and acrobatics which is the hallmark of Nkpokiti dance epitomised by the group from Umunze Aguata

zookat (3 months ago) y Thank you. They might have been amateurs still learning the dance. "Gotta crawl before you could walk?" I am sure better dancers could have been found in more rural setting and these could have been city dancers just assembled for the camera, or dancers from different troupes. But the guy leading them and blowing the whistle and the instrument players were pretty good though?



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