Adja Kine Lam -"Guewel La" (Senegal)


Adja Kine Lam "Guewel La" (Senegal)

Posted bysermouama
October 13, 2009

Video Description:
This video shows village scenes and shows men playing drums & other traditional instruments. This video also show women singing and women and men doing traditional dances. The featured vocalist makes a number of clothing changes in this video. Her dresses and headwraps, and those of the other women in the video are quite beautiful. The men also wear great traditional clothing. All together, this video is a wonderful feast for the senses, even though you may not be able to understand a word that is sung.

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Unfortunately, to date (2/14/2010), my comment below is the only comment posted to this video's comment thread:

Azizip17 (11 minutes ago) I found this video by surfing for African singing. I LOVE the women's clothing and head wraps. And I LOVE the dancing. I think it's great for people around the world to see videos of different African countries and through those videos become aware that there are so many different wonderful cultures within that continent and within those specific countries. What is the song about? What language is it in? Would someone please share something about the singer?

an African Am. sista



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