Amazigh music from Morocco


méru 60110; Amazigh music from Morocco.

Posted by chab60
October 23, 2007

Video Description:
Women are shown outdoors singing while washing clothes in a stream. One of those women is shown standing in a meadow, and one is shown dancing at the stream. Men are also heard singing but are not shown.

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sweetschoolgirl (2 years ago) well done!
VampireThirst (2 years ago) are there 3 woman or just 1 lady and copy/paste?
cause they look all the same
chab60 (2 years ago) just two
thedesertmaster (1 year ago) my favor song !
Animefan300 (2 months ago) I'm not berber or anything but I really like this type of music. It's very pretty.

I also like the jewelry xD
omaniahouse (6 days ago) i feel they dress as omani ladies ,, where are they from ,,lovely songs 10/10
jtp20039 (5 days ago) @omaniahouse
This is Amazigh music from Morocco



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