May Day Morris Dancing 2007 (The Long Man Morrismen -"Young Collins")


May Day Morris Dancing 2007 (The Long Man Morrismen -"Young Collins")

Posted by LittleBigVoice
May 01, 2007

The Long Man Morrismen perform "Young Colin" at the foot of The Long Man of Wilmington at Sunrise on 1st May 2007 with barking dog in the background!!

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nudeguy34 (2 years ago) morris dancing comes right out of the earth into our souls...God bless the crops...
maniatik (2 years ago) Great tradition. What's the pig figure for?
LittleBigVoice (2 years ago) Most Morris Men Groups have a Hobby Horse or other strange character to accompany them & The Long Man Morris Men have a Boar, I said Boar, not BORE!! (LOL)
PopHorizonScanner (10 months ago) Fascinating, Captain! *raises one eyebrow*

Seriously, I had never heard of Morris Dancing before I came across your video (in the "related video" section). I was inspired to research the topic and found it very interesting. It's great that these traditions are maintained.
Roseaeae (9 months ago) This is lovely! Thank you for posting this.
Fluvial47 (4 months ago) I enjoyed this very much. It is very nicely done. Thank you
TonyMarco1948 (1 month ago) It's not Young Colin .... It's Young Collins.



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