Patti Labelle "ABC"


Patti LaBelle Singing The Alphabet Gospel Style!!

Uploaded by SesameStreet on Jan 29, 2009



I happened upon this great video while surfing YouTube (I do that a lot-surf YouTube and happen upon what I consider to be great videos).

Because of it's children's theme, I decided to make Patti LaBelle Singing The Alphabet Gospel Style!! the first video featured on this brand new blog. I do so in honor of's sister website- That website focuses on children's rhymes and more. If you haven't checked it out, please do so.

I love the music and the spirit of this video. And I also love the use of slang and other languaging practices found in so many of the viewers' comments.

By "languaging" I mean the way that people write and speak language-the particular words and phrases that they use, how they use those words and phrases, the grammar, the spelling, and how alternative spellings are purposely used to evoke a certain spirit and style. All these and probably more are what I mean by "languaging".

I don't know if "languaging" is a real word. But that's one point I am making. What makes a word or phrase "real"? I know what it means and now you do too. So I figure that makes it a real word.

Check out the difference between the languaging in this comment that was posted by a Jamaican (sister?) on that same YouTube Viewer Comment thread:

Jamaicanchocolate34 (4 months ago)
See deh. Me tell oonu. De ooman coulda sing de blasted phone book. JESUS!! She gives me goose bumps singing the alphabet.


If that sentence were written in New York City African American vernacular street style, how would it differ?

And if it were written in Georgia Gullah style, how would it differ?

One thing's for sure, just like all Black people don't look alike, all Black people don't talk alike, even if we all speak English, and even if we were born and raised in the same country.


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General Comments about the video:
imonkazaa (2 years ago)
It's from the Sesame Street DVD called What's The Name Of That Song? I had it and just figured I would post it since people wanted to see it. It's called Gospel Alphabet. Glad you are all enjoying it!!

OmegaJerico (8 months ago) This was recorded between 1998 & 1999. The episode and repeats were so popular Sesame Street added Patti's performance in an Anniversary DVD.

Comments that include contemporary African American Vernacular English (AAVE) words & phrases, and/or alternative spelling of “standard English" words"

youngsirgt (3 months ago) You know u bad when you can make tha alphabet sound good!!!! you betta do it mama patti!!!!

natralisa (6 months ago) woo lord sing it, they was straight up havin church, revival in the building, the dude at the piano had a double dose of holy ghost.

elbraymundo (10 months ago) take them letters to church sister!!!
lyric4481 (1 year ago)
the muppet on the piano... was killin it...

PrincessDrRe (1 year ago) When you get the entire street sangin' wid you - you know you done broke it down!

ggiant07 (1 year ago) Alright now yall singin!!!

rayrayizm (1 year ago) Miss Patti Showed sesame st out!

callmiibabii422 (1 year ago) ma brother iz 1 yrs old an he no da whole song even da talkin part at da end

DTowns1Finest (4 months ago)
dis was da best episode eva........i can't believe how much time passed
sterl94 (4 months ago) miss patti brought the soul and gospel 2 sesame street i love her can't nobody sing like miis patti labelle

taleimoana (1 year ago) dang patti knows how to do her thang-even with the alphabet!!! love you patti!
DEEB79413 (1 year ago) CHILD....I had to bring out the tambourine.....G'ON MUPPETS....yall betta have CHURCH with the ABC's

customcartoons (1 year ago)

Can I git a WITNESS??
dvynphoenix (1 year ago)
Who knew you could start shoutin' off of the alphabet? Patti had people takin' church bak to school singin' this. New School needs to take notes from the Old School... when you can move people while singin' the alphabet, you know you have REAL talent.

rachmushroom (1 year ago)
LONG LIVE PATTI!!!!!!!!!!!



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