The Caravans "Lord Keep Me Day By Day"


The Caravans- "Lord Keep Me Day By Day"

Posted by DaSourcespr06

May 07, 2008

"The Original version of The Caravans flagship song "Lord Keep Me Day by Day", feat. Eddie Williams. ca.1958"

Here's a link to a video of Albertina Walker and The Caravans singing this song from Gospel Legends Volume 1 The Caravans:

Here's a link to a post on The Caravans that I published in my cultural blog:

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youngclem06 (1 year ago) This my song, love the pic


u000vw0 (1 year ago) I love the old gospel like this, it blesses me so.
itumurwa (1 year ago) i love the style, old song.


BABADUCATO (1 year ago) OH, yes suh! This is the most moving recording of this song; their voices perfectly blended. Eddie made his mark with this, his creation. Hallelujah!


JUSTTERRANCE08 (10 months ago) Spam is that albertina on lead? doesnt sound like that


DaSourcespr06 (10 months ago) its the pianist..Eddie Williams


BABADUCATO (8 months ago)...and the composer of this awesome song!!!


BABADUCATO (8 months ago) Inez Andrews' voice defied explanation and mortal ken! Even after she passed middle-age, she'd make yo' head spin. Listen at her sing Step By Step. (LORD, I gotta take my time..) Make you cry like you at a funer'l!


revhcrayton (8 months ago) I remember the locals singing this in Boston. My dad use to book the Caravans in 1960.I believe they asked for $250 a concert. Remember tickets were a dollar.Most people made $50 a week. Often times we would do a 60/40 or 70/30. The group got the higher percentage..All the Caravans were stars, but Inez always dropped the house on Mary Don't You Weep.Her voice defied normal voice range.She was phenomenal.


decwashingtonsson (4 months ago) i love this song i listen to 2 songs while doing my homework only 2 help me concentrate this one and u cant beat God giving



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