Zangalewa]- "Zangalewa" part #1 (Cameroons)


Posted by kmerunezz
January 01, 2008

Video Summary:
"Musician Army group from cameroon,really funny. groupe Zangalewa du Cameroun grand hit des annees 80."


Judging from the commenters on this YouTube video's viewer comment thread, in the late 1980s and 1990s this song was a MEGAhit in many African nations. I read comments about this song from individuals from the following African countries: Cameroons, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo, Uganda, and Ghana. "Zangalewa" was also a HUGH hit in the South American nation of Columbia. According to one commenter, in Columbia the song was called "The Military" because of its album cover. The video features three uniformed soldiers marching & dancing in a comical fashion. One of the singers has a pillow stuffed in his stomach and another has a pillow stuffed in his pants (actually shorts). These men are superimposed over films of cadres of uniformed soldiers marching in an arena in parade form. A number of commenters mention how as children they would stuff a pillow in their shirt and pants and march & dance to this song. The "zambinabina uh huh, uh zambinabina zankalewa waka waka" line is found in the second part of this video . This is the part used by Shakira in the official 2010 World Cup song.

Here are three comments from that viewer comment thread (translated into English)

lekeujah (posted 2009)Oh My God! Dude you just made my day:)) Thank You Golden Sound Were the name of the Cameroonian Army Band, and the title of course is all Zangalewa Were Soldiers and This Was Their first hit! Actually it is a song by the Used During Their military training. But After the succes of the song They change the name of the band onto Zangalewa ... Unfortunately this song is plagiarized by a lot of People who do not know Were it its from"

fantasiatriste (posted in 2008)*This song came to Cartagena, Colombia between 1988 and 1989. Such was the furor it caused, that is still in the early years of the decade of 90 this was one of the songs commonly heard in the popular districts of the city. Here was known as "The Military" by the photograph on the cover of the disc, where members of The Golden Sounds appeared dressed in military uniforms.

"derkozten (posted in 2009) Soukous Wow ... sound is perfect. Brings back many memories.

And believe it: I'm Colombian and Also I can tell These Were a complete song, huge, enourmous success. Here we call it "champeta" or "therapy" and it is a great connection Between the Caribean America and Africa.

Goes like a tube pa my favorite videos, what elegance! Greetings from Santa Marta, Colombia, South America."

According to a commenter in the viewer thread for part 1, the group who first composed/recorded this song was the offician band for the Cameroon army. The group was first known as "Golden Sound". However, when this song became a big hit, they changed their name to "Zangelewa".

The official song for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, sung by Colombian vocalist Shakira is a cover of this song,

Here's a Jambalayah link to that video:



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