Wes Montgomery- "A Day in the Life"


Posted by breaks4rm88
August 05, 2008

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"A Day in the Life" has been covered and referenced numerous times by other artists. Jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery covered the song and used it as the title track to his instrumental album "A Day in the Life" (arranged and conducted by Don Sebesky)"

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Posted 2009:

califgirl101 -I used to have the LP for a while until I came across this CD one day which happened to be the album A Day In The Life. Coincidence of course. I accually introduced myself to this man's awsome music and from that day on I found a beautifull love and deep passion for cool, easy jazz such as this. Wes Montgomery's music will live with us forever! Thanks again. :)

BlackBeltJohnson -Fantastic!!! Wes's genius will live on!
Thanks so much for posting this, friend!!

breaks4rm88- I'm glad you liked it. He is a legend


iamthemindseye - You know, I love the artistry of Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, and Paul Brown...but let's face it...Wes inspired them all to be great! God bless Wes...anyone who ever heard him, loved him and misses him. This album will always be a tribute to him and the fantastic combination of talents that gathered in the studio for this creation. They were true "American Idols". Thank you for taking the time to share this remarkable recording with us all ! Good vibes go out to you and all your family !

recovering16 - had this album too in the Sixties - loved it. Played it at parties a lot. I think George Benson would have to be one who was a disciple of this man, judging by his style, don't you think? Thanks for posting this.

freeblue22-wes is the man
you can hear django doing octaves and chording phrases back in the late 30s 40s about 20 years prior.
but wes is the man

gambatula-so in other words, simplicity is unacceptable

MilesTrane21-Not necessarily. Simplicity can be good if it has real feeling with it, but I'm not feeling it on this record. That isn't to say that Wes couldn't play with feeling, it's just he didn't like these records much anyway, proved by the fact he never played any of these selections live, instead playing the real jazz material. These records were a product of a formula by record companies.

truthandluv - OMG. The memories, the memories. I remember being a little kid, no more than 8 years old, and hearing my mother play this song, as well as my older sister and her husband whenever we had family get togethers. Wow. Thanks a million for posting this song. ---I sure wish music could be this good today as it was back then in the day.

gjohnsoningary - This is the man that got me falling in love with jazz, March 1, 1969 the day we moved from our house on 78th and Woodlawn to a bigger house, a bungalow on 82nd and Woodlawn on Chicago's South Side. I was five then. The furniture and clothes were being unpacked and Wes Montgomery's A Day in the Life LP was playing on our blue green turntable/am radio! I'ved loved jazz ever sense!!

Posted 2010:

paulyrulo-Its kind of sad that commercial music like blues (not beebop blues) has gained such a huge stake of the audience. I think that too many people are the victims of commercial radio and tv where they only play a small set of music. If folks were exposed to REAL jazz there would be a much bigger audience and a demand for great musicians. Kinda like how Reality TV has taken over the visual market. Guess because its cheaper and easier to produce. For me I'll take the jazz greats. Peace!

otnas01-I agree man Wes looked very uncomfortable in that video..and the tight pants didn't help either.But I feel every Jazz musician should get a piece of the commercial pie. Why should the rock guys, who only play the blues scale, make all the money!

MilesTrane21-I was too harsh before. He swings hard, he has beautiful tone, and the strings really aren't that bad, but his solo sounds really subdued and he does the whole thing in octaves because it was a popular sound. There isn't any room for him to break out into his brilliant bop soloing. I don't know why I dismissed this completely earlier, but it's still somewhat disappointing compared to some of his other output

Still, Wes made it sound first class with musicality and that golden sound. So much soul in his playing!

srfgrn-I agree paulyrulo, that "Windy" thing on T.V. was sad -- almost like he had succumbed to a modern form of slavery of some sort.

paulyrulo-To me the commerciality of it doesn't come through, like it does when he played 'Windy' on TV. That was sad! But this is a very good jazz composition of a great pop song. I believe there is a lot of feeling comin Wes on this take.
Yes its true that Wes preferred the real Bebop jazz style, but he had to eat man! Making a living as a guitarist was, and still is, a BRUTAL challenge. There are times when 'you can't always play what you want, but if you try real hard, you play what you need.'

jlholland100-majestic sound...also listen to Bumpin On Sunset. the riff from 4:20 on is fabulous. @ 62yo i have this vinyl still in pretty good condition Keep the music alive it's so pure in this form. wes.. genius precurser to george benson.

Ggguzman- 3 weeks ago I just listening to this on my balcony while the sun sets on a warm spring evening. doesnt get any better than this


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