Oscar Brown Jr. - "Brother where are you?"


Posted by danielrubiodisla01
March 25, 2008

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This is an audio file with photos of Oscar Brown Jr.

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Posted in 2008:

mrdonaldbecker- Thank you. I was just thinking of this beautiful tune and wondering if someone had posted this. Thank you. If you would like to see it on a music channel do a search for "The Acid Jazz Channel" on google...you'll find other songs you'll like...

ErsatzWino- Ohh mannnnnnnn, this is a BAAAD song. What a tremendous vocal, such great depth. Love this.

Posted in 2009:

eladbarn-great song.
I just love it.
I upload a remix of this song to youtube, this remix appeared on verve remixed.

sinatra1976-First heard this song at 3AM on WBLI in NYC many years ago, listening on my headphones as I am now. Love how you can hear the glasses clink in the background. Lyrics are poetry. I also think Johnny Rivers ruined it. RIP Oscar.

hairblimp-It dont get much better than this! Peace

Posted in 2010:

Anntelope- such great chord changes - wow!

popasmurf23- this is wonderful!
i only knew of Abbey Lincoln's version, now i love this one as well!
thank you for sharing!

martinacooks- Beautiful. It would be awesome if you could upload more of Oscar Brown... The man is soulful.


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