Oscar Brown Jr-"But I Was Cool"


Posted by puchersoul
December 27, 2008

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leesterg- A masterpiece--thanks for this post!

aplus79110- Most excellent!!

mskeats- i was brought up on sin and soul it is the coolest album ever i play it to my kids but they just don't get it afro blue and brown baby are my top favs

xZatoichix- so funny

Astonyshing-This guy was amazingly talented (there are loads of great tracks on that album). It is sad that so many people have forgotten just how good he was.

indigreen- A wonderful post. I heard this cut when I was a kid. Never forgot it. Especially when I needed to be cool.

1carmenana- I have the album from many decades ago, I also bought the cd since I no longer have a record player, and the album is so scratched up from so many playings. Oscar Brown Jr. was a genious and not fully appreciated in his time.
I think ALL the tracks on the album are platinum! I'd be hard put to pick a fave, but 'Signifying Monkey' stands out as one of my faveorites.

Posted in 2010:

filthyphillyboy- I heard this on some late night college or whatever radio station @ 3AM or something one night back in the 70's. Here it is again!


Azizip17- @xZatoichix, I very much agree with the comments that this is performance is a masterpiece. And I can see how people would think it's funny, especially the responses Oscar Brown Jr. gave to those things that that happened. But I wonder if on a deeper level, Oscar Brown Jr was trying to say that it's not always cool to be cool. In contemporary terms, I think that "suckin it up" & always keeping what you really feel inside can lead to uncontrollable rage-which in the short or long run isn't cool.


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