Pedro "Pedrito" Martinez sings song, Accompanied on conga (Cuba)


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October 22, 2006

Video Summary:
Award winning percussionist, Pedro "Pedrito" Martinez sings song and accompanies himself on conga

Here's an excerpt from Pedro "Pedrito" Martinez's biography posted at

"Pedrito Martinez began performing at the age of 11, where he played and sang in comparsa groups in school. Born and raised in Cuba,..

In September 2000, Pedrito won First Place in the Thelonious Monk Institute’s Afro/Latin Jazz Hand Drum competition at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. This honor led to several more high-profile projects, including work with Nelson Gonzalez, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez, Robby Ameen, Paquito D'Rivera, Giovanni Hidalgo, Patato, and Candido Camero, among many others. He also performed in the motion picture "Calle 54", as well as other television works."

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Posted in 2010:

shaney64- A true rumbero.Thanks for sharing.

percuba1- Ecue tremendous flavor that is lit and you brought me tears because I have two years without seeing my mother and of course tremendous ache tomorrow

[Editor: I believe that Ecue is a Yoruba word, but I don't know its meaning.]

Posted in 2008:

lidiacatracha- This is super good, there are plenty of emotion . I love it.

ChuckTaylor1963- Conga player This is great ! WOW !

rickymartinezrocha- teacher what that song, it's called.

without words. greetings from mexico

luisbenavides2510 -It is a folk song . Here in Venezuela the children sing to their mothers. It's called " little mother "or" dear little mother of the soul "

54spiritedwill54-A true rumba .

Posted in 2009:
speeches- Translation /

Mother : of my dear soul.
In my chest i have this flower.
I dont care What color is it
Because at the end you are a Mother Flower.
There many beautiful flowers.
There are many precious flower.
But There Is No Other Than the flower more beautiful one i have at home .

Mother: I Love You !

lillyraelene - man ! thats hard to do ! good job

maribelrodri- If people knew how hard it is to sing and play congas specifically , the Black you ate, and the black of affection and admiration, I am bold as well. God bless you

floreslocas- Pedrito ! brother! transmit that much power ! lots of light ! very emotional and a great tribute to mom !

Posted in 2010:
opus38- the subject is dear little mother 's soul sings Jose Jose .... although the flavor that gets this luxury pasa'o teacher !



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