Fats Waller- "Honeysuckle Rose"


theerealgaryhill | January 29, 2009
A great soundie with a unique arrangement
of the evergreen, Honeysuckle rose.
The last time I posted this gem it was reversed,
now it's the right way round ! Enjoy 'Harlem's
harmful armful' Mr Fats Waller as he seranades
the delightful miss Vivian Brown, an unsung legend
in her own right.As well as providing the glamour
for a rake of soundies,she performed as a dancer
with her twin sister 'Hibby' ,appearing at the original
cotton club as part of Bill 'Bojangles' Robinsons's
revue. Later in the early 1950's she married a surgeon
by the name of Henderson, they had a son called Eddie
Henderson,another Jazz legend,quite some story to
this lady's life, and next to nothing on the www...

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Posted in 2009:

FontanoTribe- This soundie contains some really cool progressions and shows how much of an entertainer he was. This is one of my absolute favorites of Fats. Great video, best music.

theerealgaryhill- Yup, this version takes the cake, I could watch it a million times !

bdw118 - When I think of the word "Virtuoso"... Fats always is one of the first to pop into my head...

Fats Waller deserves so much more recognition than he gets these days... I recently discovered him... And I'm glad that footage like this is still around for younger generations to watch...

It's really amazing to actually take a minute and think about how long ago this

chrisuk89- Brilliant video therealgaryhill, where on earth did you get it from?!

Thank you Fats!

theerealgaryhill - I had it on an old video tape collection of soundies,it's so good, I just had to share it.

Posted in 2010:

rugbyboy198127-o @theerealgaryhill mate thank you soooooooooo much, really - i'm a huge fats fan, heard a similar live version before but not quite like this and certainly without the video... knowing this exists has made my life so much the richer... top one for uploading it! any more soundies of fats out there? cheers dude x

andyb2707 -What a great talent he was. My cure for depression is to put on some Fats Waller. How can you not be entertained by him?

Nireves33- Fats Waller is the best, I am so glad I took Jazz History.

gscotty311 - ha ha!!! yeah thats awesome! I love it!

rugbyboy198127- fats is the business - no-one comes close - this is such a charming and beautiful arrangement... i am lucky that my father introduced me to fats as soon as i could walk, nevermind talk - i can't imagine life without listening to fats - he is my favourite perfomer of any kind, any generation, any genre - the charm, warmth, personality, his band, everything is just sooooooooooooo wonderful! i was born in the wrong era BIGTIME LOL - haha go-on fats you legend! xxx

AlbertGBaierII- Thanks for posting!

tommymacdonald- Insanley perfect

LudwigVonKoopa64 - the piano was a like a baby's toy to him.


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