Lena Horne - "Unlucky Woman"


whooznext | November 08, 2008
Lena Horne with the Teddy Wilson Band.

Lena Horne - Unlucky Woman

Here's the comment that I wrote about this video. The message I got was that the comment was pending review:
azizip17 (2010)- Thanks for posting this video!! This song has a bluesy feel to it. Is it blues or is it jazz? Maybe it's both. And 2 piano players. Wow! I'm surprised this video has so few comments. I think this video is solid gold not only because of the singing & musicians but also because of its cultural markers. I'm referring to things like Lena's style of dancing to the faster tempo part of the music & the cigarette in one of the piano player's mouths during the performance. Lena was so special. RIP.


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